Church School

Church School Vision Statement

Hordle Primary School is a church school and at its heart are the values of our Christian Foundation.  We believe that learning and growing in a caring Christian environment will strengthen the values,  principles and personal beliefs of our pupils, equipping them for living life in the 21st Century.Our School

In establishing their own journey towards a personal faith, we will equip our pupils with the courage and  strength to defend their own beliefs whilst showing tolerance and respect for others.

We understand and do not underestimate the challenges awaiting our pupils growing up in a secular and unsettled  society. Through a curriculum rich in discussion and a passion for enquiring minds, we aim to develop a readiness  to challenge all that would constrain the human spirit for example: poverty of aspiration, lack of self confidence and belief, moral neutrality and indifference, greed, injustice and discrimination.

Whilst we accept that our children may never come to a life of faith, we believe that by nurturing them in an  environment where Christian Values are promoted and modelled they will grow up as confident citizens of the future, who are able to contribute to a legacy for future generations with integrity and purpose.

Our Church School Vision

In the Summer of 2010, the church and school came together to develop a shared vision for the community of Hordle. This vision was communicated to the children through a series of assemblies run by the headteacher and vicar.

A group of self-nominated children then came together to make the vision a reality by reshaping it in the children’s language.  The following are the words of the children.


At the top of our triangle is UP. We think this is to do with worshipping and loving God and respecting the Lord. We think it is about prayer, peace, love and hope. We also think it is about heaven and angels.


One of the sides of our triangle is IN. This is about belonging to a church family. Wherever we go in the world we are part of a church family. Our church family  are there to care for us, to help lead the way. They have the responsibility to care for everyone and to keep them safe and secure.


The other side of our triangle is OUT. We think this is about kindness, love, respect and not being selfish. Without the OUT there would be no sharing and  we would live in an impossible world. OUT is about spreading our friendship and kindness. It is about the part of our heart  that is always shining out over others. Our own happiness can come from the OUT of others.


In the centre of our triangle is ME. ME is there because we are all on journeys as Christians and we are all at different places on that journey. ME is there  because God made us and we respect his wishes about what he wants us to be and what he wants us to become in the future.  ME is about the half of your heart that is shining in on yourself.

Prayers Written By Children

Dear God,

If you don’t mind, could you let the world have peace and try to keep the many wars contained so the world can be a happier place.


Luca W-P


Dear Lord

Bring peace Lord. I thank you for your loving kindness. Please look after everyone Lord and help them if needed.


Lily T-S


Dear God

thank you for the lovely animals and cats. I love my cat! Thank you for the world and our planet.


Maisie J


Dear Lord

Thank you for the lovely New Forest and for the animals which walk around the forest. Also for the food we have and for the clean water.


Freddie J-B

All Saint's Hordle

We are very Lucky to enjoy close links with our local Church. For more infomation on All Saint’s Church Hordle please  click here