Application and Fees

How to apply for a place

If you would like your child to come to Hordle Explorers Nursery, please complete an Enquiry Form. We will process and send you an invitation to come and visit us.

The Governors of Hordle Explorers Nursery will consider applications in accordance with the Admission Criteria.They will let parents know by letter of their decision where possible2 terms before admission, ordinarily this will be by the end of January, April and July.


Children under 3

Parents who are not in receipt of EYE funding for 2 year olds, wishing their child to join us will be charged £5.15 per hour or part thereof. This is to reflect the increased staffing costs of meeting the needs of younger pupils.

For more information about the 2 Year funding that may be available for your child, click here.

3 Year Olds

In the term after your child turns 3 years of age, they are entitled to a minimum of 15 hours per week of Government funded provision (EYE funding), with some working families eligible for 30 hours per week. Parents wishing to enrol their child for additional hours beyond any funded hours will be charged £4.75 per hour or part thereof.

Parents will be asked to complete an EYE Claim Form at the beginning of each term their child is to attend Nursery and declare which hours their child is to attend that term and claim the funding accordingly.