Our Staff


Mrs Fiona Adams Headteacher
Miss Louise Trim Deputy Headteacher

Foundation Stage

Mrs Mandy Payne FS Team Leader
Miss Keshia Heathman  
Mrs Lucy Wooster

Key Stage 1

Mr Simon Phillips KS1 Team Leader
Miss Lucy Sheard
Mrs Becky Bowden
Mrs Lucy Wooster

Lower Juniors

Mrs Clare Phillips Lower Junior Team Leader
Mrs Sally Hulse  
Miss Beth Martin
Mrs Gail Radford

Upper Juniors

Miss Amy Cazneaux Upper Junior Team Leader
Miss Louise Trim  
Mrs Rachel Scott  
Mr Chris Hopkins

PPA Team

This team of teachers will release teachers every fortnight to provide staff with planning and preparation time.

Ms Sue Constance Music Leader
Mrs Gail Radford RE Leader
Mrs Lucy Wooster Modern Foreign Leader
Mrs Maribel Nicholson FS PPA Teacher


Mrs Sharon Burn SENDCO

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Teaching Support Team

Mrs Jenny Jones
Mrs Claire Bigham
Mrs Cristina Way
Mrs Sarah Gibbons
Mrs Margaret Bawden
Mrs Michelle Fisher
Mrs Gill Ewing

Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs Caroline Thomas
Mrs Debbie Ursell
Mrs Caroline Gibbins
Miss Lexi Merivale
Mrs Jenny Jones
Mrs Lisa Woodhouse
Mrs Judith Norley
Mrs Sarah Gibbons
Mrs Cristina Way
Mrs Jo Brewer
Miss Chloe Bigham
Miss Jessie Butler
Miss Zoe Horsefield
Mrs Faye Slocombe
Mrs Moira Whitlock
Miss Hannah Salter
Mrs Theresa Deeprose
Mrs Tori Marden
Mr Thomas Browning
Mr James Dickinson

Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Mrs Debbie Ursell Senior Supervisor
Mrs Margaret Bawden
Mrs Caroline Thomas
Mrs Michelle Fisher
Mrs Debbie Allan
Mrs Caroline Gibbins
Miss Lexi Merivale
Miss Zoe Horsefield
Mrs Moira Whitlock
Miss Gill Ewing
Miss Jessie Butler
Mrs Theresa Deeprose

Jigsaw Team

Mrs Jenny Jones
Mrs Sarah Gibbons
Mrs Sharon Burn

Office Team

Mrs Sheila Slattery School Business Manager
Mrs Jenny Storey
Mrs Hannah Rook
Miss Charlotte Wooldridge

HSA Team

Mrs Carolyn Brown HSA Captain
 Mrs Cristina Way

Site Team

Mr Chris Barber Two Counties Cleaning Supervisor
Two Counties Cleaning

Heath & Safety Team

Mr Chris Barber Two Counties Cleaning
Mrs Joan Cliff Governor
Mrs Shiela Slattery
Mrs Fiona Adams


Mrs Lisa Smith
Mrs Julia Bix
Mrs Jill Tyler
Mrs Aggie Edwards
Mrs Sally Paulley

School Crossing Patrol Officer

Mr Ken Lane

School Travel Plan Team

Mrs Gill Ewing
Mrs Sarah Pitt Governor

If you would like to contact the school travel plan team please do so via the school office

Governing Body

Mrs Karen Richards Chair of Governors, LEA
Mr Andy Stevens Foundation Governor
Mrs Sarah Cearns Foundation Governor
Mr Ashley Morgan Foundation Governor
Rev Paul Taylor Ex-Officio
Mrs Joan Cliff Foundation Governor
Mrs Sarah Pitt Parent Governor
Mrs Claire Crook Parent Governor
Mrs Hannah Rook Foundation Governor
Mr Martin de ST aubin Parent Governor
Mrs Harriet Mesbah Foundation Governor
Mrs Claire Elford Foundation Governor
Mrs Shiela Slattery Staff Governor
Mrs Fiona Adams Headteacher Governor
Mrs Natalie Riley Teacher Governor


Rev Paul Taylor Vicar of All Saints Church, Hordle

School Trustees

Rev Paul Taylor
Mrs Gill Morris
Mr Roger Freeman
Mr Andy Booth
Mr Brian Giles Secretary to Trustee Board
Mr Julian Hood
Mr Andy Cumberworth