We are proud to wear the Hordle School uniform as it unites us as a team and shows that we are all part of our
circle11school family.

Boy and Girls can wear the following school uniform:

  • Dark grey classic trousers (no leggings), dark grey pinafore dress, dark grey skirt (preferably with pleats), blue gingham dress, dark grey shorts;
  • White blouse/shirt or Airtex polo shirt;
  • Royal blue jumper or cardigan with school logo;
  • White or grey socks or tights;
  • Dark trainer-style school shoes.

Boy and Girls can wear the following for P.E kit:

  • Inside P.E/Games: school HSA PE top, short navy cotton shorts/navy skort;
  • Outside P.E/Games: black or navy warm PE top (Hordle Hoodies available) and black or navy jogging trousers;
  • Trainers.

Please note:

  • Long hair must be tied back;
  • No jewellery, makeup or nail varnish is allowed in school;
  • For safety reasons children with pierced ears should wear simple studs;
  • Watches may be worn, but at the owner’s risk;
  • Toys may be brought to school if they are small and of no sentimental or monetary value. Toys can be easily mislaid and are brought into school at the owner’s risk.

Foundation Stage Children ‘Nature Discovery Kit’:

Foundation Stage children will also require waterproof trousers, a waterproof coat and wellington boots in a named bag which will be kept in school at all times.

Where to buy School uniform

Uniform and School can be purchased directly from the school. or from the Schoolwear Shop on the High Street in New Milton. PE kit and Hordle ‘Hoodies’; can ONLY be purchased directly from the school

School Uniform Order Form

PE Kit Order Form

Team Hordle Hoodies Order Form