School Excellence Plan

Every year we aim to improve our practice and make things better for the children in all areas of our school. However, each year, the Governors and Leadership Team agree on a few Key Areas which we are going to represent our main focus. We select these areas based on a combination of internal monitoring, school performance data and external inspection and validation.

For 2017 – 2019 are focus areas are as follows:


Our reading results are good across the school however, in order to meet our challenging targets, specifically this year we will be working on developing the following reading skills for all children across the school:

  • Speed and fluency
  • Expression and intonation to enhance meaning
  • Develop an enhanced vocabulary for comprehension
  • Develop the skills of inference and deduction


In order to reach challenging targets in spelling, reading and writing further up the school, we are working in the early years on developing children’s early speech:

  • Develop early speech patterns with correct phonic pronunciation
  • Develop early speech patterns which support correct sentence structure


Because we know that effective assessment of pupils enables teachers to ensure that their children make rapid progress we will be:

  • Focussing on embedding day to day assessment practice across the school
  • Developing an effective long term assessment map
  • Refining tracking systems for pupils over time.


Our internal data, despite having made significant progress, continues to show that spelling remains a key area in need of development. We will be:

  • Embedding practice across the school and ironing out inconsistencies
  • Focusing on interventions for those who find spelling difficult
  • Enhancing provision for this group both within and beyond the classroom


We continue to secure good maths results across the school. In order to develop these further and meet challenging targets we will be focusing on:

  • The use of intelligent practice to secure concepts
  • Developing teachers’ skills in the teaching of maths


In response to the Department for Education’s national agenda to address issues with teacher workload, we will be focusing on our practice in the areas of :

  • Marking and feedback
  • Data analysis
  • Planning


In response to our OUTSTANDING SIAMS (church school) inspection of November 2015, we will be working on the following areas:

  • Improving the visibility f the Christian Character of the school
  • Developing pupils understanding of spirituality


In response to our Outstanding OFSTED of March 16, we will be working on the following core areas:

  • Ensure that the attendance of all groups in the school at least matches the overall national average
  • Enable parents to develop their very good understanding of the school’s work for their children into more strategic contributions to whole-school issues