School Excellence Plan

As a school we are always seeking to improve; to become a better school for our pupils, our staff and our community. Please find below a summary of the key things we are working to improve this year:


  • To ensure quality teaching and provision for reading (including phonics) – Staff training and further investment in new reading books for the library and phonics books for the teaching of reading
  • Further embedding teaching and learning of key vocabulary
  • To improve transcription skills in writing: spelling, punctuation and grammar. 
  • Further develop planning and assessment tools in English 
  • To further develop ‘accountable talk’ in Let’s Think lessons


  • To continue to raise standards in quality first teaching of mathematics 
  • To further develop and embed the way mathematical reasoning is taught  
  • To embed fluency and automaticity of core skills and knowledge 
  • To further develop the programme of mathematics in Early Years in light of changes to the curriculum framework

Early Years

  • To further develop the curriculum in light of changes to the framework
  • To develop the assessment and tracking framework across Early Years
  • To improve early identification and intervention and impact on closing the gap for school ready learners
  • To improve engagement and support for parents

Christian Foundation

  • To further develop the quality of teaching and provision in RE
  • To develop the way in which children can demonstrate courageous advocacy
  • To further develop the way in which children have space and time to reflect and engage with the themes of worship
  • To further develop the scope and remit of the Foundation Governors meetings


  • To further develop provision for pupils with SEMH needs
  • To ensure effective inclusive practice across the curriculum through quality first teaching
  • To further develop and embed the early intervention and screening programmes


  • To respond to the OFSTED report on Science by continuing to monitor, evaluate and develop the programme of study for science
  • To develop and secure the quality of teaching in science through the principles of the Hordle Science Lesson
  • To further develop the ‘working scientifically’ and disciplinary knowledge in science

Computing and E-Safety

  • To further develop the quality first teaching provision across the school – including the purchasing of new resources to support coding and control technologies across the school
  • To improve the quality of assessment in computing 
  • To further embed e-safety curriculum in light of non-statutory guidance

FIT Curriculum

  • Continue to embed the principles of the FIT curriculum into the ‘second’ curriculum year (Year A & B) 
  • To further embed the principles of Rosenshine’s Instructional Teaching 
  • To develop the Financial Curriculum 
  • To develop the Forest to Coast Curriculum

Design Technology

  • To focus on embedding the new Hordle DT lesson in line with advice from Hampshire Inspector for DT

Physical Education

  • To continue to develop inter and intra school competitions and festivals 
  • To develop the Hordle PE lesson
  • To further develop the PE curriculum in Early Years
  • To continue to focus on sportspersonship


  • To further develop the quality of provision and teaching in music in light of the new MMC
  • To develop the Early Years curriculum for music


  • To evaluate and further develop the Jigsaw programme – including responding to parent and staff consultation on the delivery of PSHE
  • To revisit and further embed the Zones of Regulation tool to support pupils with their emotional well being


  • To ensure that staff are well trained to support the emotional, social and health needs of pupils in school 
  • To proactively support staff well being


  • To use research led approaches to increase the cognitive demand in lessons and retrieval 
  • To provide staff with a range of tools which can be used across the curriculum