School Structure


Our Team Hordle School Structure for 2021/22


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In the Foundation Stage we keep the children together split across two teams, with 2 teachers. This means that your children get a good start in a smaller class.

After that, our teams are organised into vertically grouped teams. This means we have 3 parallel year groups in each phase.

1 x Year 1 team, 1 x Year 1/2 team, 1x Year 2 team, 3 x Year 3/4 teams, 3 x Year 5/6 teams

Team Sizes

In Key Stage 1 our teams are limited to 30 in a team by law. The governing body have set a limit of 33 in the lower juniors and 34 in each upper juniors team.

Team Names

We are very fortunate to live in a truly wonderful part of the country. Therefore, apart from the Foundation Stage, our teams are named after aspects of our locality which were chosen by the children themselves. Children are encouraged to find out interesting facts about their team names and are encouraged to develop a sense of community and belonging in their team.


Infants Juniors
Time Activity Time Activity
09.00 Registration 09.00 Registration
09.05 AM session 1 09.05 AM session 1
10.30 Infant Playtime 10.45 Junior Playtime
10:45 AM session 2 11.00 AM session 2
12.00 Infant Lunch 12.35 Junior Lunch
12.50 PM session 1 13.25 PM Session 1
14.30 Infant playtime
15.00 Collective worship 15.00 Collective worship
15.25 Infant end of day 15.30 Junior end of day
The infants are taught for 21 hours 15 minutes each week The juniors are taught for 23 hours 45 minutes each week