“My daughter always went to school smiling and came home smiling. She felt safe, supported, understood and challenged. I cannot thank you enough. The teachers understood her general ability and always encouraged her to develop beyond her boundaries.

How Hordle Primary, under your control, has not been classed as’ outstanding’ by OFSTED defies belief. I cannot fault the education my daughter has received and the psychological support she has experienced. The same applies for the other children I have witnessed growing and being supported and guided and protected in a similar fashion.”

Parent of Y6 Leaver

“Marvellous place for children to grown and learn.”


“A relative of ours recently visited the school at drop off with me and the children. She couldn’t believe the fabulous energy and feel of the school and she thought rise and shine was wonderful.”


“Great school with hugely hardworking teachers, support staff and governors. My children are thriving here.”


“Best school my son has attended. Most support he has received.”


“I would like to thank you, firstly for all the sporting initiatives you offer through Hordle Primary School. They are so varied, offered at different times of the day and seem very accessible, which must take a lot of hard work. The benefits of sport can be both visible and more subtle, now and in the future.

I really believe that the sporting opportunities you strive to give the children, are so beneficial to a child’s confidence, taking pride in their school, opportunity to make/develop friendships and will undoubtedly inspire them now and in the future.

It also provides another route to teaching the values of being a “Risk Taker” “Team Player” etc. It really was a joy to witness the children at the Athletics Yr3/4 event, looking so happy for one another and as a team, they were very well behaved and carefree.

The athletics opportunity given to my son is very much appreciated and I can see the positive impact it continues to have on him.”

Year 3/4 Parent